Hotel Zenite, located in Terceira Island, your well-being is our goal, enjoy a night out in the historic center of Angra do Heroismo

The Island

The Harbor where old galleons refuge with the load of spices from east, the gold and silver from América, the right angled streets from a city that take us to the environment from the XVII and XVIII century. The green squared lands and plane, pointed by the white figure of milk cows. The strokes of the bright colors from the “Empires” between the white group of houses. The laughing and whirl from the boys showing theyre skills on the “Bullfight”. The peacefull hours playing golf between dense forest of coming from Japan. Shapes, colors and fragrances of the touristic Kaleidoscope from Terceira where de present joint the past for a full vacations.

Angra do Heroísmo, City Patrimony World-Wide.

First example of European urbanization in xvi Century. In the Atlantic Ocean Angra do Heroísmo has the merit of being City Patrimony World-Wide. For the streets who preserves the architecture from the past. The churches, palaces and museums. The powerful walls from the fortress wich defend the town and the harbor from the assaults of pirates.


After enjoy all the best from this city Angra do Heroísmo you can visit the historical center of Praia da Vitória to. The Gothic Church of “São Sebastião”; raised by the first colonizers: The sunny houses; Churches and Chapels from “Sâo Carlos”; “Fontinha”; Sâo Bràs and Lajes the master pieces from the popular architecture “Impèrios” devoted to the cult of “Espirito Santo”.


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